Paralympics 100 days away; city planning ticket give-away

it is a good gesture for those who would not otherwise be able to afford the events and it also raises awareness of the disabled. Just sharing the info.
Enjoy if one has the time. … 24261.html

Listen to the rattling gold medals athletes will get at Rio’s 2016 Paralympics (VIDEO) | Public Radio International … pics-video
just some happenings, enjoy if one has times.

Well it seems the money ran out???????
Rio Paralympics sees 'major budget cuts,' low ticket sales … html?nhp=1
crazy for this should have been a Priority.  The IOC !!!!!

Its good there giving away tickets,

Well here we go again, everything has a scandal.
Baroness Grey-Thompson: Paralympics funding crisis 'needs to be investigated' … -to-be-in/
it's a shame the way this event is sizing up. I wonder if the security will be left in place?

Just information, I am hoping all will go well and iron out the problems and to the Athletes I wish them all well and Success in the Games.
2016 Paralympics in 'worst situation ever' just before opening ceremony - … -ceremony/
Hopefully they powers that be will throw money at the events.

I'm happy this is going well, even though the funds were cutback.
Paralympics entertain bigger-than-expected crowds in Rio … 43276.html

Well here's something to Warm the Heart and dispense with the Madness, you go Brazilians.
Brazilians Being Brazilians Lift Paralympic Spirit - ABC News … t-42094039
As everything else will make you Laugh.

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