Just a common soldier

Today is a very special day to remember those soldiers that returned home maimed or dead, but let's not forget those that were never able to return. Over 200,000 Puerto Rican soldiers joined the US military since WW1, some were drafted, but many of them volunteered to keep America free.

All veterans from the 50 states and territories made a great sacrifice, some the ultimate sacrifice, and we should thank them for their service as we ought to them our freedom. Some life were shattered, many families destroyed, some wars were fair, some wars were not. However they answered the call.

Join me in remembering and never forgeting all the sacrifices they and their family suffered.

Very poignant video, Rey. They made it very clear that these politicians are a joke and our real heroes often go unnoticed.

In my opinion, anybody who has served in the US armed forces should be given the right to vote in the general election. It makes no sense to me that soldiers from territories and possessions, who can and have died in protecting this country, have no ultimate say in who runs it.

I agree, Igustaf!

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