I need a english teacher

I am living in Buon Me Thuat city. I am openning a english centre next month. Now i really need a english teacher from England, Australia or Philipin...if anyone interest you can contact me . Thanks so much....

Job ads in the 'jobs' section will last a lot longer and are very likely to get more views.

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You could post on Vietnam ESL on Facebook which is a site specifically for teaching jobs and teaching resources.

Hello I taught in Thailand for 20 years.would love to teach in Vietnam, but how do you know you gonna get enough students as you haven't even opened the school yet?
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In the smaller regional cities there is a high demand for schools, Boun Me Thuot would fall into that category.

I have bicycled around and was in your city too.It is true that they are looking for foreign English teachers but in the smaller cities pay is so low that all they usually get are Filipinos.I don't say that to denigrate Filipinos, I like them and they are very competent teachers, but with the salaries in the PHILIPPINES being so low they are willing to work for much less than Westerners.

I think that is why he also said Phillipinos in his advert. You would be surprised what some country town schools pay, I was offered a job in La Gi Binh Thuan a town much smaller than BMT and it was 20 usd an hour. It's all about supply and demand.

Hi Dannynguyen,

I invite you to post your advert in the jobs section : as it is more appropriate.

Let's keep the forum for the topics on expatriation.



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