Germany: serious damages and 4 dead in floods

Hello everyone,

Baden-Württemberg was severely hit by floods during the weekend. Till now, four people have been reported dead, including a 13 years old girl and a firefighter who was trying to save someone stuck under a bridge.

Significant damage has been caused: mudslides, blocked roads, uprooted trees, landslides, flooded basements, etc. In some places, muddy water even reached a height of 1.70 meters.

Local authorities have mobilized their members to deal with the situation. A crisis unit was opened in Stuttgart so as to respond to emergency calls from the area's residents. So far, hundreds of calls have been received throughout the Baden-Württemberg territory.

Note that the weather alert is maintained as new storms are expected this Monday. Foreign nationals who are on the spot or planning to travel there are advised to be very cautious.

I'm not sure what the goal of this post is? If foreigners were thinking to come to Germany and say particularly to Baden-Württemberg they should not be scared off. These are not hurricanes or such widespread disasters that whole areas are affected for any length of time. There are certain communities that are going to be affected for days, maybe weeks while the next community over is fine. In past years, there has been major flooding in some areas because of constant rains that made rivers overflow their banks. This has often hit even good sized cities.

What has been happening lately are huge amounts of rain in a short time; minutes to hours, that flooded individual communities but have not raised the level of the major rivers to cause widespread damage. But while the extent of the damages is more limited such occurrences are more unpredictable. One might consider staying in if there are severe weather warnings. If one has the option, you might want to move any valuable furniture from a cellar or ground floor to a higher location if possible if you live in a place where heavy run off might overload the sewer systems or if there is a small creek or stream nearby that might swell over. Or going to an outdoor festival or camping might be reconsidered.

Otherwise, it’s NOT like one needs to avoid Germany or Baden-Württemberg in general.

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