Helper/nanny salary

How much should we pay helper/nanny
No cooking involved
Mon -Friday 12-6pm
Saturday 9-1pm

Nothing. She, he, it will work for nothing if you ask nicely.

We have a helper 3 times a week (Total of 12hrs) her roles are cleaning the house, laundary and shopping at the market for fruit and veg...we pay her 725,000 VND..and she does an excellent fuss no dust!

We pay our maid 30,000 VND an hour, 4 hours a day six days a week. She does everything we ask, including weeding the flower beds. But it does take time a patience to train them. Forget about quality ironing. I swear, non have ever ironed in their lives. I try to teach them......but!

Being ex military I don't let anyone do my ironing. My wife does a perfect job but a shirt takes her half an hour, bless her.

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