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Hi everyone,
Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Planning a trip to Barcelona with one teenage child. We don't mind what entertainment the hotel has to offer or what the star rating is really, because we will only use it for a base to visit Barcelona and fit in some attractions.  We don't want to spend much on the hotel because although we have a generous budget to enjoy our holiday, we have allocated budget for transport and paying for attractions (but we'll hopefully catch some free ones). The only specific thing is we don't like waiting for buses and it can be awkward with one wheel chair. Oh and we don't like driving in unknown cities and roads ( i don't like driving at the best of times!)
If we could stay just outside the busy city (to get some good rest) and get transport into the city that may suit us better.


I'd recommend having a look on Tripadvisor

Hi Claire,

My sister used to own an apartment in Lloret de Mar, Girona so I have only travelled into Barcelona via a taxi. This may be your best option wherever you stay because it sounds like you hate driving in a big city like me.
  Although I can not recommend a hotel that I have personally stayed in, we have heard that the Hotel Montecarlo Barcelona is surprisingly quiet and yet in a good location to walk to attractions, so this may be worth a look in your research. I say surprisingly quiet all things considered, because it just so happens to be very close to a, dare I say it a famous football ground! A transfer from Barcelona airport to the hotel should probably only cost around 50 - 60 euros because you are quite near.
Be careful with pick pocketing in the city and standing out as a tourist too much. I suppose like most places these days.
Barcelona is such a great place to spend time in with loads to see. We particularly love the history more than the arts and outdoor pools are a treat for kids in the warmer months. There is a tourist bus or two, although I know you said this is not really an option for you.  I suggest having a look on trip advisor like Romaniac suggest too.

Hi Claire! I was in Barcelona last May. I liked it very much. There are many interesting places for seeing. We took segway tour and discovered many historical places al over the city. Next day we did it again but for two hours and learned the Mediterranean beaches. Very nie weather and nature. BTW how old is your child? You can go on segway tour with child if she or he is more then 10 y o. It's very easy to drive it and the instructor does not take mony for teaching.

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