For those expats who know, question is how much has Nepal changed?

It would be nice to hear from people who know and love the country and its people about the following topics:
1. In say, the last 5 to 10 years, do you think that Nepal has changed for the better, or otherwise,  in your opinion and why?
2. Not just to get the usual feedback about how beautiful the mountains are or how enjoyable the treks are, but more importantly:

a. The MINDSET of the nepalese people in general, now in contrast to before? Your opinion?
b. Why, also in your opinion, are so many young nepalese native people standing in line outside of  their Foreign Ministry every day of the week in the capital, in the hope of getting an exit visa, notably to go to the Gulf countries?
c. More importantly what will be the effect - psychological and otherwise - on their small children .....if the family is split up and either parent (or both) leave to go abroad for several years at a time, and have to delegate their parental responsibility to uncles or aunts or other members of the family?
Would you care to guess what total percentage of the nepalese population is already working abroad, in total, mostly as laborers? Do you know how many million people?
d. Any idea of how much these so-called "foreign remittances" amount to every year? This is the amount of money/foreign currency, these exiled nepalese workers send home per annum, expressed as a percentage of current GDP?

Nepal changes, just as any country, person or situation changes. It would be really strange if Nepal would stay in stasis while the rest of the world changes around it...

Personally I am much more interested (not really) why you are so bound on painting Nepal black by asking leading questions in a way that if anyone would even try to come up with a serious answer to any of them the only possible outcome would be a negative situation?

nopal, haha, cleaver (?) wordplay on Nepal ... already with a slightly (?) negative trend in the name? Living in Spain, having moved from Swiss (really?)

Try to fix the problems in Europe first before you start trolling in the Nepal forums please ?

To others ... please don't feed this troll ...

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