Can I look for a job in Vancouver with a tourist Visa?

Hi everyone,

I live in Montevideo and I would like to move to Canada but Iam not eligible for a Working Visa.
The fact is that I have not a suitable profession or enough experience.
So this is my quiestion
Can I look for a job in Vancouver with a tourist Visa?

I will appreciate your opinion or advice.

Thank you

Hi beingfer,

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I invite you to have a look at this website : , you might find some relevant answers to your questions.


Priscilla :)

You will not be able to work in Canada on the tourist visa.

Provided you do find a job through some chance, your employer will need to apply for LMIA and will need to sponsor you through an embassy for which you will have to go back home.

That is provided, you are exceptionally so good at your job that your employer will hire you from another country.

Good luck

Hello everyone,

My name is Mary. I am a Nigerian. I live and work in the United Arab Emirates in the hospitality industry. What is the best visa category I should go for in order to travel to Canada to be able to get a job and a residence visa?


I would encourage you to apply for Canadian immigration under skilled workers class and come over to Canada on visit visa to learn more about the country

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