Not feeling safe in Doha anymore!!

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to share with you something which happened to me recently and I hope I can find some help here with your own experiences as I feel it is affecting me and my life.

I recently got demoted from my grade to a lower one due to a complaint from another junior employee.

This happened when I just brought my mother to spend 2 months with me in Doha.
So I was off duty for nearly a month due to investigation and then decision.

Now, after the decision was made, I was very upset as all my plans collapsed and started feeling anxious since that day coz I’m paying an expensive rent and a loan, but that was not all.

The same night, while my mother and I were sleeping, we woke up frightened on a girl screaming so loud outside the apartment, she was crying so loud like someone was going to kill her and my mother and I froze, not only that after sometime she came outside our flat door and started banging and ringing the doorbell like crazy and trying to open it.

I could hardly call the security from my phone as I was so frightened.

After some time, I could hear someone grabbing her back into the nearby flat and beating her up and she was still screaming loud.

We had two other neighbors but no one came out, I guess everyone was scared.
Later the security guard called to say that he took everybody out from the flat and he found out they were drunk.

Police was not called.
Since that incident I’m devastated and I’m afraid to leave my mother alone and go to work.

Did anyone face something like this in Doha?

Any advice?
Thank you.

In this case you can call Qatar's emergency number 999

nop never at all

I wouldn't agree with your statement at all.

About your apartment building incident you could have simply called the police and they will arrive in a minute. So, no reason to worry or be frightened. Actually, I think you should have called them and not doing so is incorrect. Imagine that was you or a person you know who needed help and others simply ignored the distress cry!! How would you feel?

Regarding the investigation and demotion, things happen. It happened with me in my own country and the best way to respond to such accusation is to perform at your best to prove to others how mistaken they were when they doubted you. I've been through that and I succeeded to make such an incident a reason for success.

Thx for the reply and sharing the experience about the demotion :) it does help.

As for the lady, I think I wasn't clear enough.
The neighbor was a single guy, he brings GIRLS all the time to his flat, they get drunk and they are loud, in the flat and  in the corridor.

That night, may be their gathering turned into a problem and fighting.

I'm sorry to say, but I wouldn't help a woman who stays till midnight in a single man's flat and gets drunk, she was irresponsible and that was the result!
Yes I should have called the police, but I called the security guard and asked him to call the police, thinking he will do that.

If ever the police would have been called, none of them would be in Doha now, and this was a lesson for me.
Thx for reading the post and sharing your thoughts.

Hello.. to be honest in fact this is the first time i hear about this in Doha.. im here since 2012 and i find that Qatar is the most safety country in the middle east even more than Dubai.. maybe you are unlucky voz it happened with you and it is very rare to happen like this in Doha. Im sorry for you and your mother but no need to be scared .

I think it is safe to say Doha is one of the safest places in the world.

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