Family health insurance, reasonable or a deal breaker?

We are in the early stages of planning our move to Alicante. Some people whom I have spoken to say that 'you won't need health insurance as you are from the EU', others say 'You will need to take out private health insurance, but if you use a Spanish company the insurance premiums are really reasonable', but others have said 'private health insurance in Spain is incredibly expensive!'.... Can anyone please advise :) P.S Please forgive me if I have put this message in the wrong place

You will definitely need to prove to the Spanish authorities that you do indeed have health insurance and a certain level of income/money in the bank before they will grant you residency so you will need to sort this out.

Best I can suggest is to contact companies like Linea Directa(Spanish version of Direct Line) and get some quotes from them.

Many thanks for your advice :) I will give Linea a go  :)

Hi Sarah,

You can find out more information about private health insurance and whether you would be entitled to health care in Spain on my blog.

I trust this gives you some useful information and guidance.

Kind regards,

One of the best things of our stay in Spain was the health insurance. We got  Adeslas plena ( full coverage) and paid  51 Euros monthly for each of us.
My daughter is an European citizen but she still required private insurance.
The service was excellent.

I am from the US, married to a Spanish national so my situation is different and it would be best to confirm. My own insurance is with the Spanish national plan. I am eligible through my wife but would also be eligible based on the number of years I have worked here. In order to be on the Spanish plan, I believe if you have a work contract or are married to a Spanish national you are eligible. EU nationals need the European insurance card so that Spain can bill the appropriate country for expenses. There are private plans and each autonomous community have their own laws. I can't comment on private plans, except that some Spanish nationals have them for quick attendance for minor problems. For that type of coverage, I don't think they are expensive by US standards.

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once you have residencia and a NIE number you can apply for a Spanish Health card.Its easy.Go to the nearest health centre and ask for the application form and take ure EU blue plastic card with a photocopy and passport photocopy  and a problem,

It all depends on the situation. Spanish private health care with private hospitals can cost about 50-60 euros per month (Sanitas). It depends what means expensive for whom and what you compare it with. Generally if you register autonomo (which is one-person privately held business) and you want to get the access to Social Seguridad which will give you the access to public healthcare, you will pay similar amount per month + the rest of costs for running a business. Private healthcare is much better I think if you look just for healthcare.

Hola Sarah,

I retired to Cordoba last September and, unfortunately, have already used the excellent medical facilities under the reciprocal EU Health Card which is becoming defunct I understand.

In any case I am now a resident of Spain and qualify as a pensioner for their Social Security Health 'Tarjeta'. If you are working your employer should be able to fix you up with this card.
If not then I guess you will have to buy in to health care insurance and I don't have any recommendations here sorry.

Probably not the most helpful advice, but you should know that Spanish health care is as good as anywhere in Europe and better than most, even taking into consideration the language barrier.

Good luck to you.


two main companies for health insurance in spain

This is the UK Government site for advice about healthcare.

I have state cover because I work but the last time I checked private healthcare it was very reasonably priced

depends on age, i have adeslas which is great im 51 years old and pay 50 euros month.  that gives free access no payment and endless visits to doctor, just pay for pills

I also have targeta sanitaria which got after going to hospital and making visit to see social worker not too difficult but that based on your income if low then more likely

Hi when you are under retirement age you have to have private health insurance. No ifs buts or maybes.
If you have worked in the uk and paid national insurance contributions prior to moving to spain for the previous two years before moving you are entitled to 2 years access to the Spanish health care system.
Access is granted via the pension service in Newcastle who send you the appropriate forms to present to your towns social security health office in spain.
If your partner is of pensionable age health care is free and again application is via Newcastle with forms to present to your social security health office.
If a pensioner is married to a younger partner who is not working the younger partner can be added to the persons health certificate and claim their health care free as a dependant what ever age they are. Not only for married partners but adult children too.
In Valencia I understand that the regional health authority permits people to pay into their health care system for a monthly price I had heard that that was as little as 65 euros a month but don't know anyone who's actually doing this.
Most people take a par time 10 hour minimum weekly contracted job that pays your social security and allows you free health care access all the time you can maintain a minimum 10 hour contract.
Otherwise private health insurance is a must.
The Costa blanca news ( local expat newspaper) subscription based about 2,50 a week is full of all the local information and adverts for all types of services. You can subscribe for the e edition on line. Great information and a must for new people trying to find their feet and services.
Euro weekly is another ex pat free paper that you can download on line but does not carry as much information. Hope this helps

I am52. And pay 43 euro private insurance
And visit the most expensive hospital
Greetings from benidorm

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