school or private organisation to help my 4yo sister

I want to know the skool or any private organisation dat could help me in making my sister speak well becoz she 4yrs old and still not speaking ... plsss help me

If she isn't speaking at four years old, you must accept she probably/very possibly has learning difficulties.
That means a specialist school, not some quack place pretending to be one.
Choose with care.

Some kids speak very late. This might be one of such case.

What do doctors say? Have you contacted any speech therapists?

well , i suggest Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital .
they have a Speech and speaking disorders clinic and it's one of modern clinics in Arab Community.
they're surving people starting from three-year-old childrens and older

Where do you live ? If you are in Jubail area I can help you

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