Im considering opening a gym/health club in an expiate community.  I have a source in the US where I can buy exercise equipment for a fraction of the cost.  What is the the least expensive way I could get it there and would I be charged customs or anything else?  It would be coming from FL.
Any ideas appreciated.

Yes, you would have to pay duty based on what customs decide they are worth including  the cost of the shipping and insurance.

The cost of A/C alone, would be a killer...and remember you can't legally work until a permanent resident.

Just realized I forgot to add the link regarding import duties and tariffs   :sleep

You can't legally work for a wage.  However you may have your own business small business providing you employ at least one Costa Rican.

Not true.

I strongly urge you to check with a reputable commercial attorney (aborgado) who has a lot of import expertise before getting into something that be way over your head especially financially

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