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I am considering working in Saudi Arabia , is it possible or a good idea to visit and attend interviews in the kingdom , and what if any are the pros and cons of such a visit
Construction project management is my field


Hi neil191069,
the critical situation for the kingdom this days due to Declining the price of oil for more than one year now, affected the construction works in the local market here, many projects already stopped and re-scoping the rest.
if you are interested, my advice to you, search online first to have an indicator, how the local market look like.

Hi neil ,
regarding to @m,seddik advice , u can search for jobs in KSA through this website
its for jobs in the all gulf

i hope it's helpful to you

Dear. If you are talking about indicators, the two biggest construction companies of Saudi Arabia are in severe financial crises. They have fired more than 150,000 staff in the last few months and they are not even able to clear their dues so far. 3-4 months of salary delays are just becoming a formality as well.

Almost all business areas are effected; construction industry being the most.

My 2 cents...

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