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If an expat were to buy an existing going concern business in Belize, is there a business visa or would that person still have to do the tourist visa or QRP route. I have been asked by a Californian  but do not know the answer. Basically is there an equivalent to the E-visa for foreigners who invest in  businesses the US for those who invest  similarly in Belize?

I do know that a business partner has to be a native, as well as some employees. How you choose to handle your residential status is up to  you. There are advantages and disadvantages for either. As a retired you can't work, this is my understanding but can own businesses. As a tourist,  you have visas and other payments as a tourist. I hope this was helpful, cause I too struggle with this one.
Wishing you success.

Yes i already explained that to him, he just kept asking about an Investment visa which i didn't know if such an animal exists, looks like no.  His logic was that those celebs that have resorts there Wont go to a oublic place like immigration every month so there must be one.

It isn't hard to accomplish these things,  just time consuming and patience needed. Lots of perks for QRP. Check out the rules with the Ministeries. Or a lawyer. Do it right, less problems.

There used to be a "citizenship by investment" program. (I think that's what it was called). That program was stopped a long time ago, maybe in 2000.

I believethe QRP does not allow to work.

I have told the guy to log into the forums if he needs more info. I think he is a  tire kicker and just asking for the sake of it.  I already have my Place in Belmopan all sorted  and know rules as to my entry path so I will let him sort his own.  What he wants is a ready made easy path into Belize. He just cashed in a bunch of his Apple shares and thinking  he would like a lazy future with others working for him to rake in the profits,  which is why he asked about buying  and taking over a going concern.

Sometimes I am surprised as well of the questions

I am also potentially interested in 'purchasing' a business in Belize, that is, taking over an existing business, and I think the responses here are accurate. I do think the 'pay for citizenship' might still be in existence in selected cases, like with Decaprio, but not certain, just speculation on my part. It could be feasible to own the business with a Belizean and just come to visit with a typical tourist visa, and not work or reside there. The 'elite' frequently have their own jets, etc., which would make that an easy task on a frequent basis.

we looked at buying a little store a few miles south of san pedro.  the documentation provided seemed suspect and the price was way too high given the stated business income so we passed on it.   keep in mind getting product from outside the country involves big tariffs which makes your retails high.  The difficulty with a business in Belize is that the population is so spread out.

Very true. Being spread out with not-so-good roads makes a lot of things difficult, and tariffs and import duties don't help the business situation, either for ex-pats or Belizeans

My advise.  As for any Americans, making a business overseas, incl Belize we are subject  to USA taxation.
So always keep in mind that it is not only the little mom and pop litte store or larger of course and the money earn in your pocket.
By the IRS, There are tax exemptions, but it is important to declare every year and not make mistakes.

Under the QRP you can own a business but if you are doing business with Belizians (i.e , a brick and mortar store) and you have more than 2 employees you must hire a Belizian as the Manager and all employees must be Belizian. If you have  an e-business or your customers are outside of Belize, (i.e., a consulting business) you can set up a Belizian IBC, which has some tax advantages but you are still subject to US taxes on your income if you are a U.S citizen and it does not result in citizenship, just residency.

The Citizenshi[ program was cancelled as noted above and there is no formal, or legal, E-visa program in Belize. However, as was recently reported, it appears that if you have enough money and know the right people it is possible to buy a Belizian passport.

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