English or Farsi language for your slovak :)

Hi every body
I 'm seriously considering coming to Bratislava this year and I wish to learn some Slovak language (basic for routine life or emergency situations) and I can help you to learn Persian (or Farsi which is my native language) or English which I'm good in it...;)
thank you very much for your help:)

For a basic introduction to the Slovak language you can try the following free online course:
Good luck with the language study.

Dear Batteries,
Thank youso much for your help.

hi there .... did you finally landed to slovakia????

I have been here in slovakia for work since august and I have searched for any iraninan community in slovakia to be in touch.

I found only a few contact and I am not sure if you are still living here.

if you do i appreciate for a contact so I can ask few question about the life style and support and sharing the experince.

thank you

My email address is


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