visa d'entrée (entry visa)


this 1st july, im planning to go to work with a NGO ,
indian embassy ask me a letter from bank (bank garenty letter) to prove that every month i can get 500/month for my needs in india. but i can't get that letter from my bank. so anyone can help me for this. i have only 32 days to get my visa, im really really afraid about it.

please help me.

Hi priyanka1991

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How can we help you exactly? What kind of help are you looking for ?


Priscilla :)

Hello precilia,

Infact they ask me bank garenry (garentie bancaire)  but bank don't wanna give me that document so there Is any other option for this ?

Why exactly,pourquoi la banque refuserai t-elle?did thé bank give you any reason why they declined your request?

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