Meet the English Speakers of Martinique on a catamaran

Hello expats,

I'm an expat in Martinique since 2013 and also a member of a unique, English speaking group, the English Meeting Martinique Association (E.M.M.A.) We organize gatherings every two weeks on Thurdsay evenings and special events every month.

This month's special event is going to be a day on catamaran.. :)

The boat trip will take place on the 12th June and is a full-day programme. We'll sail off from Le Marin and head south.. You can buy your place online on and choose if you'd like to order a meal or just arrive with your own cooler.

Come and get a taste of the international athmosphere E.M.M.A. can provide you !



See you !

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Hi Fanni,

We have a section dedicated to events, can you please drop an advert to promote the event in the Events in Martinique section ?

It will benefit from more visibility.

Thanks in advance,

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