Business / job on line ?

* Concerning Business, is it possible to register it - for a small amount of money ; do you have an idea , how much the minimum could be ? - until I find a Business partner ?
( Normally , in the case that you're going to install a business , you have to show the amount of 12000 liras for Residence Permit ?)

* Concerning the job on line , if you're paid by customers outside Turkey  and money is transferred to Turkey ; in that case, are you considered that you work in Turkey and you need a work permit ?
In that sense, can I make my website in Turkey and what're ranges of prices?

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In order to get best advice, It would be advisable to visit the Turkish govt owned Investment Support and Promotion office. You can get their local address online with respect to the city you are residing in.

The TL12000 is for issuance of residence permit.

Once you open the bank account, you will need to show the proof of your income, hence  the obligation to pay taxes.

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Hello dear. If you would like work on Internet you don't need to do anything when you are in turkey. You are not from Turkish citizen and you don't need to pay any tax if you work on online job. But if you like to live and stay in turkey you must get rezidans permit visa and you must show your bank statement around 6000 dolar and your home adress and contract. If you need more help Pls don't hesitate to contact

For ikamet is it 12000 liras or 17000 liras per year , people don' t say  the same amount ?

As informed, the amount is USD 6000 which, with earlier conversion rate would amount to TL12,000 and with current rate would amount to TL18,000.
A little effort and google search on your own is also required in matters of common sense.

Hope this helps.

Mihrimah :

For ikamet is it 12000 liras or 17000 liras per year , people don' t say  the same amount ?

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