NEED: Petsitter. GIVE: Free room in house in Pirita

Hi all,

I have a house in Pirita (i live in the city with my little family), and i have a small problem that i need to solve somewhat quickly, as the present situation is dissolving unexpectedly.

I am in need of a reliable and dependable person to look after an elderly dog (an Akbash-lady) in Pirita/Mähe on a full time basis, preferably to live in the house, and for the foreseeable future (i.e 6-12months).

The dog essentially only needs to be fed twice a day, and she'd love to be walked at least once per day for max 15min, but other than that she is used to running free in the garden, with a dog-flap to let her into the house.
When the owner is there she takes care of the dog herself.

Ideally you would have some experience with bigger dogs (over 40kgs), have no dog-related allergies, and can accept that this breed of dog sheds hair like you would not believe.
You would live in the house, co-sharing with the dogs' owner; She is away from home about half of the month, plus or minus, and so you'd get to have the house quite a bit to yourself.
I still work on the house, finishing/working this and that, and so i might also show up there once-twice per week, but only during daytime, with prior warning/info, and usually not before noon, and generally only when i find time, which is rare enough.
Your privacy is important, and i can work around your needs.

Cleaning of the house should be shared between you and the owner of the dog, but other than that and taking care of the dog you need not pay for rent, utilities or similar.
Mowing the lawn is optional, but appreciated.

There is a (sunny) garden (with a dog), the house has Wifi, the bus-stop to get downtown is about 150m from the house (no.8), groceries about 500m, and Pirita-beach is about 2km down the road.

You can certainly have friends over, and use bbq, garden, etc.
Sorry, the sauna is still not built. :)

If you are interested PM me so we can talk.

Hello Jan1971 :cheers:

I invite you to drop an advert in the Pets field of the Estonia Classifieds to better spread the word on this opportunity you are giving.


Hello Kenjee,
I was torn between 'Accommodation' and 'Pets' - eventually i just posted it in the general blog.
Thank you, though! :)

I live in Helsinki, but I do have an Estonian e-Residency. I am ever so often in Tallinn and Haapsalu, where I occasionally work as a volunteer in a museum.

I could be the third or the forth wheel in your dog-caring system. When any of you others need a brake I could come over.  My ferry arrives 11 or 17:45, and I do have a ühiskaart for easy continuing to Pirita.

I do not have experiences of big dogs. I would have a dog of mine own if I wouldn’t travel as much as I do. I am on warmer latitudes during the winter. I am a retired university teacher born 1943.

Could we start with a sniff-at-each-other session?

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