Blood thinner Warfarin in Phnom Penh

Hi Folks,

Been in PP 2 mos and need replenish my Warfarin meds (also Concor, if possible). Have found and stocked up on several other Rx, but those two not stocked at smaller pharmacies I tried.

Does anyone know where I might find, e.g. a big chain pharmacy, maybe, Aeon Mall maybe?

Please advise, if u know of any promising leads and thanks in advance,


Hi Mike,

I think Aeon Mall is unlikely to have it, and the only professional pharmacy chain I can think of in PP is uCare. They may not have warfarin, but they may be able to order it for you or be able to tell you where to find it. There are branches dotted around and you should be able to find one locally.

Alternatively you could try making an appointment with a western doctor. I never went to one while I was in PP but I found a list that may be helpful: … hnom-penh.

All the best.


thanks Andrew were right with it now and more confident I'll make my 71st birthday in June ...ha ha ha.

Haha, glad to hear it :)

Hi Mike,
Do NOT take Warfarin, it´s Ratt Poison. There are many alternative medicins to find on internet.
I am taking two (2) draft beer a day and that keeps the doctor away.

Hi Wayan,

Unless you are a medical professional, you have no business telling anyone what medicines to take or not take.

All the best.


in 20 years your doctor will stop telling you to take warfarin,  it takes them about that long to get the news,
How do you balance your INR if you can't even get your hands on warfarin? 
Warfarin blocks vit K2,  so your arteries (and skin) calcifies,   see agatston score, 

If you start taking K2, or natural blood thinners,    you need to take them absolutely consistently,  and have your INR monitored,   K2 altho it antagonistic to warfarin,  actually helps stabilise your INR,       get your warfarin down as low as possible,

Here a article about alternative medicin. … z49sOrH3vK   Big Pharma...

...And here is an article about NaturalNews as a source of information:

(With apologies to Mike for his innocent enquiry becoming a mini flame war.)

Hi ajrcrawford,
I post hereby a other story about Warfarin. And it is not about blood thinning. … t-20047592

Medicine has side effects. So do most things. Is this news?

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