Insurance coverage in Vanuatu

Hello everyone,

Moving abroad requires adequate insurance coverage.

What type of insurance expatriates need the most in Vanuatu: health, house or liability insurance? All of them? Do they come as a package?

Are there other insurance options to consider like critical illness, damage or property insurance?

Is it better to purchase insurance from an expat insurance specialist or from a local insurance provider?

And what about insurance costs?

Tell us about your experience in Vanuatu.



Kenjee, I so wish it was that simple. For us to get medical coverage would cost $1200 each per month. There is no way we can afford that, so just have to wing it, and hope and pray we never get so sick we need to be flown to a hospital somewhere, in either NZ, Australia or New Caledonia.
I'm glad you have raised this, as we would be interested to see what other expats are doing about medical insurance.

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