Insurance coverage in Mozambique

Hello everyone,

Moving abroad requires adequate insurance coverage.

What type of insurance expatriates need the most in Mozambique: health, house or liability insurance? All of them? Do they come as a package?

Are there other insurance options to consider like critical illness, damage or property insurance?

Is it better to purchase insurance from an expat insurance specialist or from a local insurance provider?

And what about insurance costs?

Tell us about your experience in Mozambique.



I am from South Africa and use the car-net documents from AA to travel in Mozambique. Having a SA 4x4 truck, we use Santam car insurance in Moz.  We are paying in SA but have comprehensive covering in Moz.  Still have to do a monthly 3 party required in Moz.  Find this comfortable to know that we are covered during the time we are in Moz.

good morning Kenjee

I moved to Mozambique from the UK almost 17yrs ago.

Depending on your requirements. the local medical aid will pay your hospital/clinic bills upfront (small problems, dental glasses, hospitalization, evacuation if required, etc.)  the international schemes require you to pay and claim except for hospitalization where the clinics can call to arrange for them to send a guarantee of payment,(if they are able to phone international).

the other problem is if you have a serious accident and need an ambulance, the international companies will pay for this but it is how do you get an ambulance in the first place.

Stuart Lester

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