Insurance coverage in Mexico

Hello everyone,

Moving abroad requires adequate insurance coverage.

What type of insurance expatriates need the most in Mexico: health, house or liability insurance? All of them? Do they come as a package?

Are there other insurance options to consider like critical illness, damage or property insurance?

Is it better to purchase insurance from an expat insurance specialist or from a local insurance provider?

And what about insurance costs?

Tell us about your experience in Mexico.



In Mexico there are reputable companies that provides all kind of insurance, like the one I use for my car, since 2006. If interested I give you later the name. I know this company offer health insurance as good as some others in the USA.  Unfortunately, I am too old to be accepted.
Otherwise, medical fees are much less expensive than in USA for instance. Same for dental work. I would suggest than insurance would be better pruchased in Mexico, unless you have access to USA and then it might cost a lot and and. To purchase and own a car in Mexico, you need you need to have a visa, I am not sure today what tells the law, but certainly not a tourist visa. I do not believe home insurance is an obligation. I have not for my property.  For cars, for sure it is important to have one.

Seguro Popular for health care...or pay out of pocket for specialists.  For auto Qualis...not all companies would insure a very old truck and this one did .

You are too vague with your questions?
How old are you? What is your purpose to Mexico?
What kind of car? What kind if health insurance.
You need first to wonder about your immigration status.
Just my opinion.
Juste mon opinion.

Hi Kanjee,

Great Questions!!

I am very familiar with different kinds of insurance in Mexico.

I researched Mexican (GNP), International (BUPA, Pan American, AXA, Allianz) and offshore health insurance options before deciding on an Expat health plan. It is by far the most affordable & comprehensive private health insurance I found on the market.

Here are some sample rates:

For individuals between 30-50 years old the average premium: US $55 and $75 a month.

For individuals between 60-74 years old the average premium: US $120 and $200 a month.

NOTE: Seguro Popular & IMSS are part of the government-run national health system, and are available to foreigners who hold temporary & permanent Visas. They are not an insurance product as we know insurance in the US, anyway. The public hospitals & clinics are part of a closed system of medicine and cannot be compared to private care. Foreigners have varying opinions about the quality of health care at public vs. private hospitals. I, myself, prefer to receive private health care and my Mexican friends do too.

I don´t believe you can purchase a critical illness insurance plan. My American & Canadian friends do one of two things:

1. Purchase Traveler´s Insurance before they depart to Mexico.
2. Purchase a full-cover international health insurance plan with a high deductible (reducing the annual premium amount).

Insurance in Mexico does not come as a package or bundle. I recommend finding a bilingual / bicultural agent who offers home, health, and car insurance.

Home insurance rates are based on: property and land market values; home contents; electronic equipment; home appliances; adjacent home values; valuables; etc. Home insurance quotes are NOT available online. You need to work through an agent, who will meet with you, preferable at your home, to determine all of the different home values listed above.   

Liability insurance is purchased by store & restaurant owners as well as professionals who want to protect their businesses. Liability coverage is also part of any home or car insurance plan.   

Hope this information is helpful to everyone! ;-)

Melanie in Mexico

Hello Melanie,

I read your post regarding insurance and found it helpful to help focus my own search for insurance coverage. You seem to have done your homework on various aspects of insurance coverage needs. My wife and I are moving to Morelia the end of July and we still do not have insurance to protect our household effects in transit. We currently live in San Diego, and instead of going with a large international moving company, we elected to hire a local company to pack our household, and went direct with the Castores moving company - which will load our household, transport it to the border, manage the customs clearance (menaje de casa), and transport everything to Morelia. However, they do not insure and cannot/will not give us a name of an insurance company that will insure our belongings in transit. In all of your research (or experience) what do people do? Do you know of a reputable insurance company that we can contact?

Thank you for whatever guidance/tips that you can provide,

Regards to all,


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