Insurance coverage in Israel

Hello everyone,

Moving abroad requires adequate insurance coverage.

What type of insurance expatriates need the most in Israel: health, house or liability insurance? All of them? Do they come as a package?

Are there other insurance options to consider like critical illness, damage or property insurance?

Is it better to purchase insurance from an expat insurance specialist or from a local insurance provider?

And what about insurance costs?

Tell us about your experience in Israel.



Hi, kenjee
This depends whether the person coming here is coming as
(a) an immigrant (i.e., receiving citizenship), in which case one is required to take a health insurance policy by one of the major providers (Meuhedet, Maccabi, etc), paid for, either in part or in whole, by one's employer, and/or by one's own money. (Subsidized when unemployed.) The fees are reasonable.
(b) a resident working here without citizenship. In that case, one usually arranges insurance coverage through one's employer.
(c) a tourist. There are lots of travel insurances, and it is advisable to have one, given the high cost of private treatment (although lower than in much of Europe or America, leading to a blooming "medical tourism").
That is health insurance, which is the most necessary. There is also mandatory insurance if you drive/own a car. In general, the local policies are cheaper than the expat policies for the same coverage, but I do not deny the possibility of an exception. Also, if you are an immigrant, the first few years this sort of thing is subsidized.  If you rent an apartment, check the contract carefully. If you buy a house, then get a lawyer. One problem with the local contracts is that they are usually in Hebrew. The other types of insurance you mentioned are optional, and not so cheap.

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