Insurance coverage in Dominican Republic

Hello everyone,

Moving abroad requires adequate insurance coverage.

What type of insurance expatriates need the most in Dominican Republic: health, house or liability insurance? All of them? Do they come as a package?

Are there other insurance options to consider like critical illness, damage or property insurance?

Is it better to purchase insurance from an expat insurance specialist or from a local insurance provider?

And what about insurance costs?

Tell us about your experience in Dominican Republic.



Insurance is a way for insurance companies to make money! Those companies were not created to help you when you are in need but to make you pay when you are not!

That said, it does not make sense to expect an insurance company in your home country to pay for your insurance claims. There is no way you can prove they have to!
Health insurance should therefore be local as well as your car insurance.

Try and find an insurance for Legal Liability. This is useful mainly because the expenses when you cause an accident will be too high for you to pay from normal wages. I have one from my home country, but that is not necessary.

As is usual in this country, when you are obviously a foreigner the rates will rise (200%). Try and get your information through a local third party! If you have a bank account here, your best bet is your local bank! But the rule is the same; they are in it to make money, not to help you!

We have covered health insurance at length here.  To sum up Health insurance:

Two biggest companies are the most widely accepted, tend to be good pricing as well.  Universal and Humano. I personally provide group plan coverage to people here using Humano. But Universal is equally as good.  HEalth insurance ranges from about   35 US to  50 US for good coverage. you can get cheaper and more expensive but often not the best options. It is almost impossible to get insurance once you are  65. Buy it sooner then that and then it stays in place as long as you pay premiums.  There is very little "family" coverage, it is by the person.

Property insurance is available.  Make sure to use a large reputable company  or they will throw up roadblocks to not pay out.  Make sure you have proof of everything you own, and photos are always a good idea or a video. 

Liability coverage -  not a big deal here as payouts on this are usually small by  our standards and settled quickly without involving anyone else.

Vehicle - if the vehicle is under 10 years old by FULL and complete coverage  including Casa de Conductor,  which protects the driver in case of serious accident. Remember whatever happens they will try to blame YOU. 

Insurance for health and property are reasonably priced here.  Vehicle insurance is expensive!

Insurance rates here are no different for expats then they are for locals!  If they are you are dealing with the wrong person!!!!!

Thank you for the additional information!

You are very welcome.  I too detest when someone tries to change the price because I am an expat!

My beautiful Dominican wife looks after all that.
She does a great job!

Planner's info is good and accurate.  Some of us (My wife and I are an example) maintain both local (Universal for us) and an international insurance that covers us anywhere in the world.

Bob K

Okay so my question is what do you do when you are over 65.

I already told you.

So I need to see your wife and she will look after me.  :D

Go ahead chum!
Good luck with that!  :lol:

If you have coverage in place before 65, just keeo making your premium payments.  If you do not have coverage at 65 most companies will not consider you.  One company does and in my opinion it isnt worth the premium so I do not offer it.

Hi. Does Universal and Humano only offer plans for coverage in the DR? I was looking for something which additionally covers Central America and South American.


Sorry they are local companies and over cover people here.  You need to contact insurers in those  locations specifically where you want coverage.

I just got a quote for insurance and the cost was 11,000 USD per year. That kind of defeats the purpose to retire in the DR. I am over 65 and now seems my plan to retire to the DR has been blown out of the water. I really don't know where to go to from here.

Woeeeee  that is way too much money.   Sorry to hear this.  Another reason to get your insurance early!    You can apply with your passport and have the insurance even if you are not here full time!!!!   As long as you pay the premiums it stays in effect!

So sorry to hear this Stan.    I have  been discussing  coverage over age 65 for expats only with an insurance company but no decisions yet!

Sorry to hear that. You might look at some of the international insurances (Clemments for one) that my insure over 65.

Also I believe if you have a supplemental plan with your Medicare you can add travel insurance to that..

Bob K

Hey Stan!
Catalina's insurance company is:
PALIC stands for Pan American Life Insurance Company (New Orleans, LA) That is who She got coverage for me through her insurance company..
the above is the Dominican rep's E-Mail.
Good luck chum.

I've had a few claims, no problems.
She pays 3000 pesos/month for me.


Hey Planner,
Can you forward me info on car insurance?

Sorry I  cannot, I dont get involved in car insurance. What city are you in?  I can recommend someone to you.

I am purchasing a vehicle in Santo Domingo

Lots of brokers in sd. What year? You getting full insurance? If so make sure you get casa de conductor. And make sure you shop the various companies.  I have monumental and i am not thrilled with them.

Go to Mapfre. Be sure to get full coverage.

I can recommend someone in Seguros BanReservas.

The largest insurance companies are Seguros Universal, Seguros BanReservas and Mapfre BHD Seguros.

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