Insurance coverage in Australia

Hello everyone,

Moving abroad requires adequate insurance coverage.

What type of insurance expatriates need the most in Australia: health, house or liability insurance? All of them? Do they come as a package?

Are there other insurance options to consider like critical illness, damage or property insurance?

Is it better to purchase insurance from an expat insurance specialist or from a local insurance provider?

And what about insurance costs?

Tell us about your experience in Australia.



The short answer is that you can get any insurance in Australia that you can get say in the UK although some of the terminology may be different.   Often you can bundle it ie put different types of insurance on the same policy and get a discount.  The market is the same as elsewhere.  There is lots of competition for your dollar.  If you have time, shop around for a better deal but watch the small print on exclusions.  Sometimes the small print can be to your advantage.  In 1989, I moved to Australia and bought a new 250cc motorcycle for $3,600   Over the next 3 years I did 25,000 km and then it was stolen.   I was expecting to get next to nothing as market value but it was an agreed value policy and I kept value up, with the excess, I got about $2500 back, which was just enough to buy a used 350cc bike.

If you insure your house building, check policy covers wildfire and flood, as these are sometimes excluded.

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