What is Western philosophy, also compared to Buddhism

This subject doesn't have that much to do with being an expat but I just wrote some on it that I'll share here.  It started from writing a blog post about tea tasting, drawing on other blogger input, and someone suggesting that I look into what Kant said about that.  I have a background in philosophy--and engineering, a long story--so I did, and wrote about it. 

I joined Facebook philosophy groups to talk some about the subject and it was crazy how people seemed to not have any idea what philosophy is, although they must have felt inclined to talk about it in an online group. 

So I wrote what it is, here, along with comparing that to Buddhism: … -also.html

I'm not touchy about people needing to use a narrow definition of my choosing.  I had my own bad experiences with a narrowly defined approach in the past in one academic program (a long story), but saying "everything is philosophy" doesn't seem to work, as some people tend to.

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