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Hi All,

Am a lawyer moving to KL. My company has offered me a total package including bonus, medical, car, Pension of around 30K. The basic is around 17K a month. Can someone please let me know if this will be OK for a family of 4 and a kid? Is there anything else I need to get included? I manage to save around INR12L an year in India, would this figure increase, in terms of INRs once I move to KL?

A lot depends on whether it includes schooling for your child as it can be very expensive. If your child is a baby then your will be OK for a while. You can get a decent enough apartment in a nice area from upwards of RM3k - 5k per month depending on where you choose to live. You'll also need to figure in the cost of a car I guess.

The lawyer who did an apartment sale for me a couple of months ago is a local Chinese 30 yr old and her net salary is around RM6k per month, not too much. She told me that the partners in her firm earn around RM18k per month.

That might let you gauge things a little.


Hi Hansson

Thanks for your reply, much appreciated

My kid is around 2 and would not start his education for a while. The cost of the car, including fuel, is included in the figure. The figures for other lawyers you mentioned, are those basic salaries or include everything?

Can you also please suggest some decent areas to live in, fully/semi furnished apartments? What do you think, a guesstimate, would be the monthly costs for food and travel for the family, having a decent lifestyle?

Goes without saying, thanks very much for your time.


Normally a company in Malaysia will provide insurance to all its employees. Hence, your perks are (guaranteed) bonus, car and pension (EPF?). If the company gives you performance bonus, it is not something great to consider. A lawyer from small law firm earns not as much as a lawyer from mid size firm or big law firm. A lawyer from mid size/ big law firm definitely earns more than 17k a month.

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