Eye Glasses - Ho Chi Minh City

I am looking for good places to check my eye glasses and get new one, I want to be able to communicate in English.
I appreciate any assistance.

Maybe say what area of Saigon you're in will help to get replies.

I am very close to District 1.

I haven't lived in Saigon for many years but there used to be an Englsih speaking person at the shop diagonally opposite Ben Thanh markets heading down Le Loi street towards the city.

If you think you need to see an ophthalmologist for more than just a prescription, the specialty hospital at  611/2, Điện Biên Phủ has English speaking doctors.  At intake you go into a separate fast track also available to locals for a small cost.  The retinal specialist that I saw was excellent and people in the waiting room told my wife that he is reputedly the best in the country for retinal work.

You can also do regular checkups for correction there and use the in-house optician for glasses, as my wife did.  I would trust them a lot more than the street corner places.

Thanks a lot for your valuable information.


Thank you for information.

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