Traveling to Duhok

Just wondering about how the security is moving around Duhok?  Male friend going by himself end of July to end of August.  He's in his 30's so not a kid but a bit naive.  Any tips I can give him?   Also, can anyone go to health facilities?

I'm in Dohuk now, it's the safest place I've ever been, there's no need to worry.

Yeah, medical facilities here are great! I went to one of the private hospitals here and got everything done quickly... blood tests, EKG, etc.

Am heading to the dentist this week, as prices are way less than in the west.

Thank you Billyboy.  You have reassured me.  Enjoy your stay.

The only thing to worry about at that time of the year is the heat... it's going to be hot!

I'm more a Maine type of person.   I think foggy weather is a good thing.   I can't imagine that kind of heat.

I'll pass that along.  Coming from someone who lives there carries more weight than reading about the temp.


Dohuk is perfectly safe. Although it's closer to the war zone you don't see too much military presence there but moving around the country involves going through checkpoints quite often.
You can buy basically everything there, alcohol consumption is tolerated so we can call the place quite liberal although Erbil and suleymania are better in this aspect.
There are hospitals yes and doctors speak English so that's not gonna be an issue

Vsartory.  Thanks for the info.  I relayed your message and he is getting very excited about his trip.
Would you happen to know of a good vegetarian restaurant in Dohuk?   Do they have such restaurants or would you just order vegetable platter in regular restaurant?

Wow now that's an issue :)
Actually the way people eat there is like anywhere else in the region: Mezzeh (small starters) and loads of meat. There are places where you can get a mezzeh buffet where there's no may but you can eat several different salads and pasta. One I know is doctors within the expat community but don't know its Kurdish name. There's riksos hotel which has a buffet too and there's shreaton but it closed down recently as far as I know (might reopen later).
In the city centre there are lots of restaurants mostly serving meat but in some you can find beans and chickpeas that can be ordered separately. On you way up to the dam there are soup phases on the right hand side, they don't serve meat and you can try your luck in mazi mall or family mall which is a bit out of the city but there are pizza places which might serve only veggies.

It's good to know what's what before he goes.  I'm sure he can adapt.  And pizza!  I didn't expect that. 

Thanks again.  You have been very helpful.

I have an opportunity to work in Sardam International School in Duhok, I am wondering if you can help to know more about this region regarding safety, lifestyle, life expenses,... and about the salary range payed by SABIS for teachers.

Unfortunately, he does not know about the school.  It has been 3 years since he was there but while he was there he did not feel unsafe.  There is a night life if you choose.  There are restaurants and bars that have more of an expat crowd which was good.  He was never hassled by anyone.  He said the airport in Ernie was open when he was there but not sure if it is still open.  Depending where you are staying the electrical power does go out periodically.  You should ask the school to recommend a driver that will know the safest places to visit if you intend to travel in the area.
I hope you have a safe and interesting experience.
Take care.

safest city in the whole middle east when it comes to tolerace ,but im not sure of how some one will see duhok in terms of fun and enjoying it.

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