Another James success story, bittersweet....

I've been waiting so long for this day.

I finally went with all my paperwork, got an appointment time that worked for me and my spouse. I handed it over to the Federal Police and left 2 hours later with my  SINCRE in hand and CIE on the way.

I never could have done it like this without you James,

The fact that you are not there on the other side of this forum to respond and feel my appreciation makes me want to cry. I wanted to be the proud new visa holder thanking you for your invaluable patient advice (to my redundant questions). I can just hope that somewhere on the other side you feel my appreciation along with all the others you helped here.

Your presence is sorely missed

Rest in peace and love James

And again thank you for helping me achieve one of my dreams. I hope I can pay your generosity forward one day,



James presence is always here on this site,
so be careful what you say, He knows where you are
and he don't need the bus to come and visit

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