Expat traveling outside Brazil

Hello all!

I am living in Brazil since three months now.

I am planing a trip to Europe (Im not European) in the next weeks. I'm not sure if not  having (yet) the definitive RNE will be a problem (either at the moment of leaving or returning to Brazil), I have the provisional RNE, which is that piece of paper with a picture of me, personal info, and RNE number. With that document I have been able to open bank account, register at the university and so on.  But the definitive RNE will be ready only by the end of june (that is, 180 days after I got the provisional one) and my trip is scheduled before that date.

As for the other documents, I have CPF and visa. Is there a reason to be preoccupied?

Thanks in advance!

It should not be a problem . you may have to explain it to some Airline agents.  It usually doesn't take 180 days to get it anymore. Keep checking on your RNE/CIE .

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