Mail/Parcel to sosua area

I need to send down a few small items over the next few months to the Sosua area, can someone recommend a mail/parcel service, that they have used successfully.

I have used CPS for almost 10 years without issue. But you need an account here  first. Or you need someone with an account in Sosua that you can utilize.   

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We also use CPS and the office is on the main road in Sosua (Sosua-Cabarete highway) Just a bit west (closer to Sosua) of the entrance to Ocean Village.

The owner is Carlos and he is one of the good guys.  His wife Elizabeth basically runs the place and she is terrific.  We have never had a problem with them

Bob K

Super thanks for the info, we are building in SOV at villas marinas


Remember these 2 things -  cost must be less then US 200 per parcel sent (or you pay tax and duty)  AND  you pay by the pound so watch the weight.

roger that, thx

The $200 limit seems to apply to airfreight more than marine shipping...cps told me it has more to do with what is being shipped than how much it cost...

Well marine shipping is totally different!   I can  only tell you that with CPS air,  anything over 200 including shipping to Miami  is both taxed and duty is applied. So be careful.

And do you have residencia?  You can bring in a container  duty free and there are -of course - a set of rules attached to it.

We shipped a BBQ though CPS and did pay some tax but not the 28%.  Check with Carlos or Elizabeth at CPS in Sosua for rates.

Bob K

Bob K- you just said the magic word! BBQ! My husband has been looking around town for "just the right BBQ".  So knowing that ordering one and shipping through CPS may be an option, this is going to make his day! Plus then I will feel better about my Amazon purchases :)

I have one available second hand here in Puerto Plata if that is of interest to you!

ns1437 my wife would like your thinking :D :D :D

Bob K

Morning Planner. That could work. I am not sure what type he is looking for gas/charcoal. I will email you. Thanks :)

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