About Uşküdar?

What's about these areas : Mimar Sinan , çamlica and Center of Uşküdar to live in ?

Any recommended places to live in in Uşküdar which are safe , near transportation ..

Mimar Sinan and Camlica are fairly close to the center of Uskudar.

Its a safe neighborhood. The center is comparatively conservative.

It also harbors the main bus stop, ferry docks, and the Marmaray stop.

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Concerning Marmaray as it works partially ; what're the paths that it comes across and last time of departure and arrival ?

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Hi Mihrimah;

For Marmaray: … aatleri/64

For other istanbul transportation:

If you stay in Istanbul for a long time, I advice to buy Istanbul card for cheap transportation:

@ letsgotr
I appreciate your answer but mainly about Marmaray path; reffering to the site , pratically is only in Turkish , there's no english traduction ?!

Hi Mihrimah,

The link, about the schedule, I sent was partly English. Upper side is Turkish, just below is English: … aatleri/64
First train is at 6:00, last train is 24:00. The train frequency is 10 minutes.

Unfortunately there is no full of English website. But about the Marmaray stations I can help you.  The Marmaray is along AyrilikCesmesi (Asia Side) -Kazlicesme (Europea Side)  stations. Between them the stationsa are:
AyrilikCesmesi - Uskudar - Sirkeci- Yenikapi-Kazlicesme

From Sirkeci station  you can transfer to T1 (Kabatas-Bagcilar)  ,
from Yenikapi you can transfer to M1a(Yenikapi-Ataturk Airport) ,M1b(Yenikapi-Kirazli) ,M2(Yenikapi-HaciOsman)
from Uskudar you can transfer to M5 (Uskudar-Cekmekoy)
from Ayrilikcesmesi  you can transfer to M4(Kadikoy-Kartal)
the map is: … 00x100.jpg

Really, thank you.
Infact, I did the translation of the whole page .
Hope that 's not crowded especially for the line Uskudar going to European side,
About istanbul kart , I guess  more money  you charge,  more it costs less ;
for the tariff , what I  understood ( as with translation it's not totally clear) for first pass istanbulkart : 2,30 liras ; 1- transfer : 1, 75 liras ; 2- transfer : 1, 60  liras; 3- 4- 5 transfer : 1,40 liras.  So, per month from time to time to take metro , how much will cost in average ?

Hello Mihrimah
How are you I hope you are enjoying in Istanbul.  Yes uskudar area is good but also you can try umraniye side too it is near by the uskudar and you can find good place with nice cost. Also you can go everywhere in Istanbul from umraniye side too. Depend on where you like to go europe side from asia.
I saw your post about Istanbul card for transportation.  But if you buy month blue card it will be little bit cheaper than regular Anonim card and you can use only for yourself. Price will be around 180 TL for Istanbul blue card.
Good luck

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