Amount of bank statement for visa applying for filipina

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I intend to invite my gf this summer in France so we are applying visa ... everything is clear except 1 topic..

What is the reasonable amount my gf shall show on bank account to request the Shengen visa ?

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How Long will she go for visit?

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mmm like 3 weeks ....

Actually, You don’t need to present all your riches to the embassy. If your trip will cost you 200,000Php then you can present anywhere from 200,000Php to let’s say 500,000Php. That’s a pretty reasonable amount of travel money already. There really is no need to present 6,000,000Php. Her savings account should be active for more than a year and with consistent activity.

In my case, I presented an extra amount on top of what I will be spending for my trip so that it won’t seem that I am totally broke once I get back from my trip and that I can pay all that I have charged to my credit card. I also indicated there that I will still be receiving my salary through my checking account even while I am on my trip. That’s hitting two birds with one stone: (1) I am presenting a source of funds and (2) since I am still a paid employee, that means I have a reason to come back to the Philippines. It may be only one sentence in the letter but it can have quite an effect on your application. Better to brief your girlfriend to tell to the immigration officer that she will be there just for vacation purposes and will not hunt a job. he Certificate of Employment, Approved Leave and Company I.D will be a great help.

One more thing, is she staying with you in 3 weeks?

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yes she will be staying with me amm over her stay (or i suppose so .. ;lol)

If she's staying with you who is a French resident/national, then you need them to provide her with something called Attestation d’accueil (Certificate of Board and Lodging) and your host’s national identity card or residence permit.

The attestation d’accueil is a form needed to be presented to the City Hall with the following documents:

-la carte nationale d’identité ou le passeport, ou la carte de résidence
-livret de famille de l’hébergeant
-justificatifs de domicile (EDF-GDF, facture Télécom, facture Eau)
-titre de propriété (taxe foncière) ou de location (taxe d’habitation)
-contrat de bail ou descriptif du logement
-2 derniers bulletins de salaires ou justificatifs divers de ressources mensuelles (retraite, CAF)
-dernier avis d’imposition ou de non imposition
-noms, prénoms de l’étranger, date et lieu de naissance, adresse exacte, n° du passeport et sa copie, copie du document justifiant le lien de parenté s’il y a lieu
-attestation d’assurance médicale de l’hôte
-un timbre spécifique dit « timbre OMI » d’un montant de 15 euros, il sera demandé à l’issue d’une réponse favorable. Disponible dans les perceptions et chez les buralistes.(Attention : il faut autant de timbres que de personnes accueillies sauf s’il s’agit de l’accueil d’une même famille avec des enfants mineurs).

However, there are those (like me) who did not declare that they will stay with a friend, just to avoid the hassle of gathering the additional requirements (as mentioned above). So even if I was to stay with a friend in London, I still had a dummy hotel booking and my funding reflected that I had sufficient money to pay for this hotel I “booked”.

I hope this reply helped you understand more what the whole show money thing is all about. Remember, your girl friend should tell a complete story and this includes the chapter on her funding.

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Hi Ive been travelling to Belgium. If you are sponsoring your girlfriend or she will apply for visit visa no need to show money. But if she apply for tourist visa she needs a show money to support that she can support her visit in France.

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is it special process for belgium or schengen ??

So you mean our consulate will not check bank account of my gf ??

she told me yes , lol , i suppose she don't want cheat me  :/

When I visit my students on their OJT at US,  I have 250k php on my bank account standby..  But the consulate never check it,  maybe all other docs are enough..

Hi, this is applicable to all schengen area. What do your girlfriend? I mean she work or study?

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yes , she has registered store in cebu


all she needs is to show a sufficient amount on her bank account to support her travel. I think all visa Application starts with that.

Let me share my experience, in my case it's a UK visa. I am fully dependent to my Greek-British partner when I applied for it.. meaning I did not have any employment or source of income whatsoever. My partner is the one sending me monthly allowance + condo rent.

The first time I applied, we submitted everything:

* Letter of Invitation indicating that my partner will be shouldering the cost of everything; and a bit of a background of our relationship;

* My personal letter to the embassy stating who I am, (a short background of myself) and our travel plans to UK.

* Printed pictures of our latest travels to Asia and Europe (except UK, this is the first time Im applying a UK visa).

* Partner's copy of bank account

* Partner's mortgage

* Partner's UK tax payment form

* Record of the monthly remittance I receive from my partner

* Certificate from Condo management that we are a resident.

* Condo contract with my name and my partner's name as tenants.

Result: UK visa granted.

Been doing it for 5 years, show only 40,000 pesos each time. She only needs enough to rent acroom for a night and fly home.

100,000 is enough.

php 100,000

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