I'am moving to Misratah

Hey there all,

I am moving to Misratah most probably next September or October. Because of all these pics on the internet even if they are old and the lack of information of the current situation, I feel a little bit anxious but so ready to get this experience.

I'd really like to meet other expats and locals to make friends before moving there. I am opened to all advices and friendly chats.

There are maybe a handful of expats still in libya and they're probably packing up.

I strongly advise all expats NOT to go to Libya.

Risk of kidnapping is very high, crime and guns is everywhere in Libya.

There's no order, justice, police etc.

All business' are either leaving or have already left.  Almost all expats have departed from Libya.

Mistatah or Tripoli makes no difference; its just not safe to be here.

Thanks for your response. It was a bit frustrating though.  :|

Any other suggestion or comment? It's almost impossible to find tru info about the city? Where are all these Misratans? =)

I am interested as well, gulfport seems to be doing a lot of fear mongering and not providing facts. I am getting different pictures of the different situations on the ground in Libya and that is why I am interested in making contacts to find out the real story...

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