Photocopying and scanning

Good afternoon all ,

I am a newbie :) just arrived to Sofia 6 days ago, i need your help into locating an office or an internet center where i can photocopy and scan some of my documents , your help is highly appreciated.

my regards

You might want to check out office 1. They do copying services. … 0%98%D0%AF

(Click on the small red letters "виж на картата" for a map of the stores in sofia).

Otherwise, look for any small store that says, "книжарница" (bookstore) and they usually copy, sometimes scan. Also, look for signs that say xerox.

I am pretty sure you can find more than two of these if you live in the center of the city.
Just name a point where you want to search for photocpying services and I will try to help.

Thank you loads , i found that very helpful and got it done very quickly :)

Kristiann , thank you dear i got it done today after looking at your replies , very helpful :)

glad I helped! ... and I drink Mojito :cool:

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