New to Rotterdam - Want to make friends

Hi All,

I have recently moved to Rotterdam to be live with my Dutch girlfriend and I am looking to socialise and make friends!

I spend all my time at home and when I do venture into the city I am often alone and some company would be great.

I play football and I would be very interested in joining a team, 11aside or 5aside, as I feel this would be an excellent way to make friends. I also enjoy going to the cinema, going for a coffee, shopping etc. so I would be just as happy having someone to do those things with!

I have both male and female friends, single and in a relationship so that would be no issue at all. I am from London so I also have friends of different nationalities and that would be cool too.

As an adult who works at home and no longer in full time education I have no clue how to make friends and I saw a few people post on here so I thought I'd give it a go!

Feel free to contact me on here,



Hello Joshua,

Perhaps you could join us, we need native English speakers in our team. we have a company in guided tours.  Guideds ao coming from New Zealand and south Africa.  I have little time now, in fact I am in a hurry.  Let me know, if you would like to meet and chat with them! Anneleyn

Hi Anneleyn,

I would be very interested in this, how can I contact you?


JoshuaOgugua :

Hi Anneleyn,

I would be very interested in this, how can I contact you?


Hello Joshua and welcome on board :top:

You could send a private message with your contact infos by clicking on the member's avatar to access their profile. You will find the 'Send a Message' button on the top banner of the profile.


Hi Josh,

My name is Sibel and I now live in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm moving in with my boyfriend in Rotterdam after summer. I see you struggle a bit with meeting new people. I get it. Mostly I hang out with one girlfriend and her friends that I now since before and my boyfriends friends but I would love to meet some new people.

Where in the Netherlands does you and your girlfriend live?

Kind regards, Sibel

Hi Sibel,

Thank you for your message and sorry for the late reply. I currently live in Rotterdam with my girlfriend and I am keen to get more involved socially in the city independently. I am looking to make friends as it will make living here a lot easier so I appreciate your comment.

When you do move here after the summer feel free to send me a message!

Kind regards,


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