Blood Donations

Hi everyone Today I gave my first Blood Donation in Davao. If anybody else wishes to Donate depending what country you come from , speaking from a UK expat side of things the criteria is very strict you have to have lived in the Philippines for at least one year and have been a regular blood donor As they test for CJD and HIV and any other nasty things you can get after a small sample is tested you fill out a questionaire then you see the Doctor in charge who then takes your BP then provided she is happy with everything you then go into a small room where there are 3 beds you just lay on the first one available then your prepped then once everything is done which takes about 15 mins you have a donation card given which is marked with a batch label and signatured by the Doctor . It's a good cause which can save a life I urge anyone who is fit to Donate  it costs nothing

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