What is there to do in Fujairah ?


I will soon be moving to Fujairah.

Are there shopping malls, grocery stores, women's spas, nice gyms,
and movie theaters there ?
Are there private, clean beaches ?

Is it easy to find taxis ?

Would you say the cost of living is cheaper than in Dubai or Abu Dhabi ?

Many thanks.

Yes there are, specially if you live in the center of the city. It is quite and neater than urban cities. They are improving, slowly however.

You get everything mentioned.  And if you like to visit Dubai it is just over an hour's drive, thanks to the highway opened 2-3 years ago.  Cost is certainly cheaper because of rental, everything else is nearly same.

salam. how are you.. how are your days so far in Fujairah?
lets meet sometimes... PM me.

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