English Speaking Pro Bono Lawyers in Kuwait

Does anybody know where to find a Kuwaiti lawyer who is competent , well versed in English and compassionate and concerned enough to really help the needy. I've been googling for months but to no avail. I got some recommendations but they charge way too high. I don't know if there are Kuwaiti lawyers practicing pro bono (free of charge).Any form of reply is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi SuperMONjr,

Yes in fact chances that you find a lawyer (free of charge) are slim, but we do have a section dedicated to these professionals, maybe you can contact them, Lawyers in Kuwait.

Furthermore, contact your embassy, they might be of some help :

All the best,

Thanks Bhavna. I will try the links you posted.


How could I contact a lawyer in kuwait

check the blog 248am, there is a lawyer that offers legal advice there, her email is on the site, contact her, ask for her assistance or if she can recommend someone.

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