Moving to Dominican

Hello Everyone,

My wife and I are looking at moving to the DR within the next two years.
We should have around a $2000 month income, looking for tips advice etc.  Things we need to be researching during the prep period. We have both lived abroad previously.  My my is fluent in Spanish,  me not as much.  We were thinking the Puerto Plata  area...thoughts?

Welcome to the forums!   I am in Puerto Plata and Bob is in the Sosua area so we are both pretty well versed on the north coast.   My tips - start reading. So much is covered on the various threads here. Then come back and ask us questions.  How much money you need will depend on the lifestyle you choose.  It can range from inexpensive to ridiculous..... LOL

So when are you coming for your first scouting trip?

I was there a few days ago and will be back end of June/July.


Welcome.  As Planner said read through the forum posts and ask away.  It is a large country and varies from place to place.  So some time exploring is a good thing before making any decisions. This place is not for everyone but if it 'fits" it can be a great place to be.

We have lived here full time (10 years) on the north coast in the Sosua/Cabarete  area

Bob K

Hello, I am planning a three months trip from July through October,2016 in Puerto Plata ,Sousa area.
I would like to know where i can find a one bedroom condo near the beach,supermarket,restaurant,and medical clinic;since i will not have a vehicle..
The condo must have AC and backup generator. Please advise.

First welcome to the forums.   Puerto Plata to Sosua area is a big area.   Many condos do not have a backup generator but will have an inverter and batteries.  I don't know of any in Puerto Plata with generator but maybe there are some in Sosua.  If an inverter and batteries will suffice I can make some suggestions. I will send you a private message.

Lots of places in Sosua and Cabarete that will meet your needs.


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