im moving to alicante in july and was wondering if anyone could help me with who i can get internet and statelite tv with

Hi What Area in Alicante are you moving to

We live in a village outside of Alicante city and use Aeromax for internet and phone , and have a 1.9m satellite dish for free view uk tv

Good Luck with the move

Hi Phillip,

Yeah I would start like cssolar suggested - where are you going to live?

In Spain the telecommunications industry is packed with challenges. Loopholes, binding contracts for 6 or 12 months, lack of service, lack of english language and the list goes on. Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong, good or bad company to choose from, since they are all trying to get a piece of your money but not deliver in exchange a solution oriented service, satisfactory to my demand.

A small example: in Denmark, where I come from, companies stopped charging you separately (besides the monthly payment) for the amount of data used for surfing around 8 years ago. These days Danish companies will give you 30GB surfing included in your 25 EUR bono, while here in Spain the largest amount of mobile data is 15GB (as far as I've seen) and you pay an extra fee on top of the bono.

In general, companies make things really complicated (as well as overpriced in my opinion) for this accessible solution in this day and age...!

Carsten Hansen

To be fair most internet companies these days even in Spain can offer unlimited data and certainly aeromax offers that and is often a better option than the cable offered by movistar.

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