Has anyone advice on the best way to get a longer visa?

Hi everyone,

I am Florie from Belgium. I came here one month ago with my fiancé with the purpose to stay. We basically left everything to come here (job, flat, families...). We are staying in Koh Samui.
We're still considering every options to get a longer visa : ED visas, creating a company, investing in a restaurant, etc. My fiancé is a trader, so no need to get a wage-earning job. We just want to make Thailand our new home and go on travelling from now and then (coming back to Thailand between two travelling sessions).
Has anyone advice on the best way to get a longer visa?
Wishing you all good luck in your new lives !  :gloria

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I invite you to red the articles about visa here : … visas.html , it might help.

I also advise you to contact the embassy / consulate.

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founding a company as foreigner is too expensive, but you could buy an existing company. further it is possible to get a business visa by joining a company as trainee.

for the ed visa it's getting more and more expensive. the government is separating wheat from chaff, so if you're not over 50 and have the necessary income or capital, you will always have to look which kind of visa is best for you.

best without any headache would be getting a work permit by buying or joining an existing company, you and your fiancé. just open your eyes and talk with the business owners about a partnership. maybe you find a project you like for a lucky future. but always look carefully, talk with a european thai lawyer at your place and don't just say I do it. it has to be successful.

it's not impossible, there are always ways to stay here :-)

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