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Dear All,
I would be glad if you told me how much tax is deducted from a 23,000 RMB salary in China.
Thank you in advance

Hello mk380 :cheers:

Short Answer : 25%!

Please check out this article in our living in China guide : Tax in China


Thank you! You mean the net income will be 17,200 RMB?


Yes !!

It's not as simple as kenjee says. There are different regulations in the different cities, and it's different if you have a normal residence permit or a permanent residence permit ( some also call it the Chinese green card ).
Every city has a tax free deduction. Some companies allow you to hand in some invoices (FaPiao) from different commodities to reduce your taxable income.
As a foreigner without using any FaPiao you should get about 18'000 to 19'000 into your account, depending where you are living. Ususally it's  less in the richer cities, because there you have to pay more for social and health insurances.

try to google: "direct hr salary calculator" this calculator gives you some approximation, but for my case it shows about 400 more than I get in fact.

Great answer! Thank you very much! :top:

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