Norwegian Language Classes - Vestfold area

Hi all,

I've been in Norway for two months and will be applying for my family reunification Visa (I was married to a Norwegian about a month ago).  Once that is in the works, I understand that I should be able to have access to Norwegian classes at a reduced or free rate of charge.  I am in Vestfold (Sandefjord to be exact), so was wondering if anyone knew of any programs that I could look into in that area?  I am hoping to avoid having to go all the way to Oslo for school.  I would appreciate so much anyone's ability to help!!

After you have been granted residence permit you will receive the residence card. And you will bring that to skatteetaten to register as a resident in Norway and they will give you your personal number.

Once this is done just visit the office of your kommune or check the Sandefjord kommune website so you can check what you need to bring when you enroll for the free norskkurs. I'm sure thier number will also be there so you can call and ask in case you have further questions. :)

Wow, thanks so much Stephy!! All best  :top:

Since you are married to a Norwegian men, I guess he can helpe you in the process.

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