Male hair salon in Kuwait!? Tip in Guys!!

Hello all!

Noticed that there isn't any topic about hair salon for males in Kuwait! So, go ahead.. Give in your experiences, how much do you pay, what do you recommend.

I'll start:
I use to do my hair (would cut is short) at a barber in Salmiya and would pay him 1 KWD. Recently I changed my hairstyle (undercut style) and changed my barber too. I now visit a salon in Kuwait city, and he charges me 2.5 KWD.

I do notice a lot of salons around Kuwait, and I feel they charge too much. It is also hard to get the message across to barbers, and they end up doing what they know..rather than what you want, and prices are exorbitant.

hello, where did you cut now your hair? im looking for a good barber too.

Hi ,
U r unlucky coz I am totally bold

your bald? very nice

Hello! I go to the barber that is located above Awladona shop in Kuwait city. It is the complex just behind Salhiya tower.

Any good barber shop in and around Salmiya ?

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