Foreign money in Bulgarian Bank

Good morning everybody. We have an issue we don't know how to solve. We moved to Bulgaria in March, and brought some US dollars in cash . When we Deposited money in Bulgarian bank some dollar bills was rejected due to condition. Bills are good, US Bank gave them to us, but for Bulgarian Bank they looks used, and as far they are foreign money,bills was rejected.  US Bank ready to take them back and Deposit on our accoun in USAt. As it shows up, problem is to send them back. US Bank asked us to send bills by the Money Order.  Money order can be sent by using local currency in equivalent to dollars amount.  Any way this is not what we want. Question: how we can send unsatisfactory  (for Bulgaria) dollar bills back to US Bank. Or may be  there are other ways to solve the issue. What can be done? Thank you

How many dollars are you talking about? Why not take them to a small exchange box on one of the streets !!!

Bulgarian banks are very fussy/funny places are I have a cheque in to be but into my company account from HMRC and that cheque took 78 working days to clear why! They said that they need to much sure that the money was true!!!!!

I'd have to agree with Kosarka, just take them to an exchange kiosk on the street that offers a decent rate, they shouldn't make a fuss unless they are torn or worn excessively.

Thank you very much. I'll try this. :)

Take them to the central bank on Tsar Osvoboditel, they are more tolerant to used up bills, I had some problems with a bank not taking Euros and I laught at them, this is supposed to be a country in the European Union and they had a problem with Euros wt pen marks on them LOL

Some services like Azimo, transferwise, Xoom, WorldRemit... allow you to exchange your money by bank transfer without to pass by your bank.

The exchange rate depends on the option that you chose but you can send you money quickly, easily and cheap.

I know that free money transfer comparison tool exist, it may help you to find the solution that you need.

But be careful because when I sent money from France to USA, bank service and Western union add hidden fees on the real exchange rate, I paid more fees with them than the others services. I didn't know that the different exchange rate is due to the hidden fees.

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