Schooling in Bangkok

Hi I'm actually considering to move to Bangkok. Anyone has kids schooling in Bangkok?

I do; my son is 7 and goes to school here.  There are lots of threads on this in different places so you might start with a search of them here, and check on other places like the Thai Visa forum.

If the idea is to go to an English based school there are a range of options.  International schools are the main category, British schools and such.  The education is decent in those, with the down-side being cost, since they run in the range of 500k baht to 1 million baht per year ($15k to $30k USD, which would relate to a bit more in $SD).  A lot, right?  For an expat making a really good foreigner's salary, 150k-200k per month, it might be possible, but for many expats here it's too much.  So on to other options.

There are Thai government school English based programs.  The problems with those:  there aren't that many of them, educational standard is probably a little lower than International schools, and the cost is still high, maybe not much less than the bottom of the International school range.  Programs that combine Thai and English based language instruction are more common, with more options, and some that would be less expensive, but for a child that doesn't speak Thai that would be all but impossible.

There are exceptions, special programs of other types.  Universities like Chulalongkorn run what they call sathit schools, training schools for their own teachers, and these would cost less, and have completely English based programs as an option.  The problem:  enrollment isn't open, and they're not easy to get into, much harder at more advanced ages once the programs have been filled.  It may be possible to use a donation to work around the entrance by test admission process (not a bribe, an official process), or it may not be.

So educational options and related expenses can be one hurdle to foreigners setting up a life here.  I'm sure I must not be aware of the whole picture, but this is my understanding based on already sending our son to three completely different types of schools.

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