Alien certification registration

I was wondering if anybody could advise me on how to obtain my ACR and what are the requirements?

Thanks Shane

When you report to immigration for your visa renewal they will give you a form to be filled out, make sure you bring a few 2x2 photos of yourself  the form is also available online at the BI website, the fee is the peso equivalent  of  $50.00 USD it takes about 30 minutes then you come back in two weeks to pick it up.

What are the requirements for qualifying for the ACR. Currently Im traveling to and from Australia.

If you stay exceeds 59 days you are required to register for one.

Thanks very much your advice, its much appreciated.

You are more than welcome

All foreign nationals who are visa holders of Temporary Visitor’s Visa or Tourist Visa who have stayed for more than fifty-nine (59) days in the Philippines",

It is after 21 days,if you a USA visitor and the 2nd trip is within the same year. You may apply for your ACR-I card which is good for a year and cost about 5,500php in Manila.If you wait at BI for it. I think it is a little less,if you do not have express processing. The card is well worth it if you travel to the Philippines more twice in the same year. Other (Non-USA) foreign nationals can stay up to 59 days each visit automatically,USA only 21 days each visit. I used to take little side trips to Hong Kong,Singapore, so I could extend my time to 42 days by leaving and taking a mini vacation somewhere else in Asia i wanted to see again or go shopping for a day or two in Vietnam,Thailand with my wife.

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